Your Client Login

Your Client Login

April 20, 2012 by

Did you know that if you've decided to work with 3plains, or if you've ever hired us in the past you have a client login on our website? You do! And it's the first place you should go, if you ever need anything at all from us.

Take a look at the top right corner of our website. From any page on our site you can click "Client Login" and sign into your very own personalized 3plains Site Manager.

It's here that you can see past invoices, pay an outstanding bill, and most importantly communicate with us about your products and services through tickets. (Among other cool things like updating your website with new pages, content, photos or blog posts)

Open tickets show up here too when you first login, so you can easily see what we're working on for you.


If you need anything at all from us regarding your website, design work, SEO campaign, or any other technical issue just go to 3plains.com, log in, and create a new ticket.

Don't email us. Emails get lost, and only go to the one address you sent them to. Emails make our job harder, and our new ticketing system is the solution.

Tickets allow us to keep track of everyone's needs in real time. They also allow everyone here on the 3plains team to see what needs to be done, and to assign those tasks to the the right person.

Best of all the Tickets are always in our system. They can't be accidentally deleted, lost, forwarded to the wrong person, or filed in the wrong folder.

Bottom line, tickets help us help you better.

Email Notifications

We still rely on email for one very important thing. Every time we do anything at all for you, we'll update your corresponding ticket. When that happens you'll receive an email notification from us. This way you can easily click the link in that email to log in to your 3plains Site Manager and be taken directly to that updated ticket.

The emails we send you cannot be replied to, so you'll need to log in at 3plains.com to see the updates to your tickets.

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