How do I add an embedded video to my website?

There are numerous hosts and video players you can use, but YouTube is one of the easiest. It also gives your video a chance to be indexed by search engines, which increases the chance that a potential client will find you via your video.

Here's the general process for uploading the video to YouTube and embedding it on your site:

  1. Create a free YouTube/Google account or use your existing Gmail.com account if you have one for your account.
  2. Use the "Upload" page on YouTube to upload the video we've provided to you. Feel free to customize the title of the video and to add your company's name and contact info into the description.
  3. Make the video public, and wait for it to finish processing.
  4. Once it's done, and YouTube shows you your finalized video, look for an "Share" button under the video. Click on that, and you'll see another button for "Embed".
  5. Make sure that you have NOT checked the "Show suggested videos when the video finishes." Pick a different video size at the bottom, if needed.
  6. Copy the HTML code in the box. That's what you'll now put on your site.
  7. You can put that code on any pages by clicking the HTML code button on any page.

You can customize it more from there, but now YouTube will handle all of the hosting and give your website visitors a faster video viewing experience.

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