How do I reset my email password and/or link a phone to my email?

We recommend having a phone on file and linked to your email for security reasons or if you forget your email password so you can reset it. To add a phone number on file:

1. Click here and then type in your email address: https://passwordreset.emailsrvr.com/api/recovery/v1/ui/forgot-password

If you have a mobile phone on file you will see "Verify Mobile Phone" and the last 2 digits of the phone number on file. If that is the last 2 digits of your phone number on file, you have a phone on file and can reset your password. Type in your phone number to receive a code to reset it

If you don't have a mobile phone on file, you will see "Contact Your Admin". To contact your admin, you will need to email info@3plains.com with a phone number and we will add your phone number on file, so you can reset it for the future. Note, we will need to add the phone number when you are available, so we can get the code from you instantly.

2. Next, go to https://mail.3plains.com and click on the upper right corner and "Update Phone" and follow the instructions below.

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