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Handling Email Efficiently and Organization

A Few Notes on Email

Web-based email

If you are using Yahoo mail, Gmail, or Hotmail as an example you are using web-based email. 


We use IMAP for your email. What is IMAP and what is POP email?

If you are using email already for my company (i.e. and are using Outlook Express or Outlook or another software product on your desktop or laptop computer, you are more than likely using POP email.

POP (Post Office Protocol) mail downloads your mail to your hard drive, while IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) keeps everything — even your sent mail — on a server.

What if your computer crashes? Your covered with IMAP since it's not stored on your computer like POP. Your email is synced with your computer so you can read emails even when your not online. If you have POP and your computer crashes, you lose everything.

Email Strategies and Ideas

Here are a few things to think about when setting up your company email address or changing around your strategy. Every organization is a little different, so you may want to consult with us on how to utilize your email the best.

1. Multiple Email Addresses
Tired of checking multiple email accounts online? Using an email client, you can drag and drop emails between that and your company email. You can also link your Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts as well into Thunderbird so you can drag and drop files between those and your new company email address.

2. Multiple Users/Shared Email
If you have multiple company employees, share computers or share email, our email is a great way to share email with your company employees. For example, if you have 3 employees, you can share with all of your employees, vs. having 3 separate emails. It can work great if you have part-time employees or employees that don't check their email often.

3. Email Aliases
You can have unlimited email aliases if you want. Example: you can setup and put that domain on brochures so you know when people email you from the brochure. Or you can have a alias that get's emailed to multiple people in your organization. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to utilize a email alias. Check google for more reasons why.

Email Features

Spam & Virus Protection
Each piece of mail subjected to 3 independent spam and virus scans keeping your systems safe from email-borne threats.

Ad Free/Privacy Protection
Unlike hosted email services such as Google Gmail™, Microsoft Hotmail®, and Yahoo!® Email we don't read your email, and we never show you ads.

Manage your entire hosted email environment, including permissions, storage, mailbox creation and more with just a few clicks using our intuitive Control Panel.

Huge Storage & Attachments
No need to delete. Our 25GB mailboxes hold up to 10+ years worth of email. Plus, if you need more storage, we can provide however much you need. 50 MB attachments!Inboxes won't choke on photos, videos, and other large file attachments with twice the attachment size limit of other providers.

Secure Encryption
Latest SSL encryption techniques hide data during transmission so internet crooks can't abuse your sensitive mail.

Daily 360° Backups
Account data saved nightly to top tier data center. Email is stored on the server and backed up daily. If your computer crashes, all your email is protected and backed up every night. All contacts, calendar information, task lists and notes across your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Still need help or don't want to DIY?

We have maintenance service and website update packages available. Please fill out a ticket and a 3plains representative will reach out to you with details on pricing and packages.

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