3plains Site Manager / Content Management System (CMS)

The 3plains Site Manager is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which is web-based software that enables you to manage your website with the 3plains online Content Management System (CMS) remotely. Our custom CMS software enables you to manage your entire website and your 3plains account with a mouse click and a keyboard. We are always making updates to our software and tools to enable you to have the very best tools for your website.

We host 3plains clients on our own Rackspace® powered servers, manage your domain name(s), setup your professional email, website statistics and your own content management system (CMS) to update your website 24/7 as part of your SaaS plan.

Pick a plan to get your website started with us. For cost to value analysis, our competition can't beat our quality. We offer unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited pages. Grow your website as big as you can!

FeaturesStarterBasic Site MgrAdvanced Site MgrCustom
Hosting X X X X
Domain X X X X
Stats X X X X
Online Payments X X X X
Email   X X X
Sitemaps - HTML/XML   X X X
Contact Form   X X X
Photo Software   X X X
Page Software   X X X
SEO Software   X X X
Slideshow Software     X X
Photo Gallery Software     X X
Video Software     X X
Blog Software     X X
Lead Software     X X
Products/Store Software     X X
Pre-Built Software     X X
Custom Software       X

Additional website(s) 50% off.
Non-Profit websites, please ask about our non-profit discount.

3plains Standard Features


We use Godaddy.com as our domain name registar. Get started by finding your domain name at Godaddy.com.

Read more about finding the right domain name


We use two different email providers depending on your organization size and needs. We highly recommend using a professional email (i.e. yourname@yourdomainname.com) so you look professional to your current and future customers. We will set it all up for you upon website launch if you don't have a business email. If you have a email, we can migrate your email to one of our preferred email vendors.

Read more about our email services


Google Analytics is built on a powerful, easy to use, website reporting platform, so you can decide what data you want to view and customize your reports, with just a few clicks. We set this up for you upon website launch, so there is nothing for you to do besides just sit back and enjoy the website build.

Read more about Google Analytics

Online Payments

PayPal has has multiple payments solutions for your business. View the link below to see which plan is best for your business. 3plains will itegrate any choice you make into your site as part of our standard features.

Read more about Paypal Payments

3plains Site Manager Features

We know building your business is hard work, but keeping your website up to date shouldn't be. That's why we created the 3plains Site Manager, and filled it with powerful tools that make it easy to manage the content on your website. Whether it's adding a new page, uploading this season's photos, or writing a new blog post, our system has you covered.  And you do it all right from your own website online!

Contact Form

We setup a default contact form for each of our customers website. You have the ability to control fields, marketing message, who the form goes to, auto-responder email and thank you message. You can add multiple email addresses from your organization. The forms auto flow right into our email marketing software and lead management software in case you want to market to these people down the road.

SEO Software

Search Engine Opimization is key to any website business, and it starts with solid website architecture. Our 3plains Site Manager  was built with this in mind. We believe it's paramount for you to be found on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You have all the tools to do all your own SEO with either the Basic or Advanced 3plains Site Manager.

Page Software

Website pages are unlimited. 3plains doesn't limit your growth, and we don't believe in charging extra for it either! Feel free to create as many pages as you need with the 3plains Site Manager. It's as easy as clicking the Add a Page button, and giving your new page a title.

Photo Gallery Software

Photos are important to your business and your clients. With our Site Manager you can create and manage as many photo galleries as you need. It's easy to use and you never have to worry about adding too many pictures.

Video Software

Upload and add videos for your potential customers to see on your website in a organized fashion. Vimeo and Youtube capable embedding enables your customers easy viewing. View Example

Blog Software

Blogging is a great way to share information about your business with your customers, plus search engines love it. With the 3plains Site Manager, blogging is easy and it's built right in. There's no need to buy or download additional software, and your posts appear right on your own website where they belong.

Slideshow Software

Highlight your photos or marketing message on your homepage or other pages with our slideshow manager. Upload all your own photos and our software will resize them for you on the fly. Easy!

Lead Software

Clients make your business go and the 3plains Site Manager helps you manage contacting your potential clients. Website contacts automatically appear in the lead manager and you can enter customer info from telephone inquiries or trade shows.

Products/Online Store Software

Need to sell products or services on your website? Simply add the optional e-commerce module to the 3plains Site Manager and start selling. Our system lets your customers make secure online payments. Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, Amex or Paypal right on your website.  Include a basic terms of service template and privacy statement.

Custom Software

Have an idea? With our 3plains Site Manager, we can build add-on's or anything you dream up. We drink our own kool-aid and use our 3plains Site Manager to update 3plains.com. We flow in our Projects and Blog right on our front page to keep our website fresh for current and future customers.