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Paid Search Marketing is an important component in any marketing strategy. Professionally managed PPC marketing can result in increased traffic to your company’s website, increase conversions and drive sales of your products.

Google is constantly adding new features to the AdWords platform (based on feedback from agencies like us) such as AdWords for video, dynamic retargeting ads, new ad extension formats, product level bidding for product listing ads (Google Shopping) and keyword level call tracking without requiring a 3rd party. We are on the cutting edge of everything AdWords has to offer – in fact we beta test all of the new AdWords features before they are even released to provide recommendations on real world results!

At 3plains we offer two Paid Search Marking Management options to fit every customer’s needs.

Google PPC / Google AdWords Management
Advanced Adwords Account Management

3plains is a Google Ads Certified Partner

For companies that desire to make a more sizable investment in Paid Search our Advances Adwords Account Management is a strong option.

Our AdWords Certified management consultants have years of experience setting up and optimizing AdWords campaigns for ecommerce, national lead generation, local businesses and SaaS clients. Our team will take a holistic approach to your PPC campaigns focusing on conversions and sales, not simply clicks.

Analysis and Setup

Our analysis and setup process will enable your ads to run at the optimal level. To be successful at PPC, Google and Bing need to have a custom setup specific to each client. Our understanding of your business, PPC knowledge and experience, along with industry experience will give us a clear strategy to move forward with your PPC plan. Whether you are a PPC veteran or just starting out as a new advertiser, we will work with you to develop a solid strategy to move forward.

Our methods and strategies are developed through years of experience and training. Listed below are some of the best practices we use during the analysis and setup phase.

We will have a complete understanding of your business and goals before your first campaign begins.

  • Website and landing page review
  • Set up of conversion goals
  • Develop PPC & retargeting strategy to achieve conversion goals
  • Campaigns utilize a variety of search including Display, Remarketing, Product Listing Ads
  • Keyword research - select optimal keywords including negative keyword filters
  • Create relevant ad copy – We create multiple ads per ad group and test the productivity of each
  • Set budgeting tools accurately
  • Set geographical targeting and optimal ad timing
  • Install tracking code on landing pages.

When set up is complete we will launch your campaign and send you weekly reports.

Account Management

As you campaign progresses we will continue to monitor and analyze your results and make any needed changes. Successful PPC management requires frequent attention to increase quality score, monitor conversion goals and improve your results. Our relationship will grow as we offer changing solutions to increase your success!

3plains PPC management includes:

  • Google Ads certified account management
  • One on one support
  • PPC Strategy development
  • Bid & position monitoring to improve quality score
  • Ongoing Keyword Performance Analysis
  • Ad copy analysis and testing to improve quality score and optimize bidding
  • Continued conversion tracking analysis
  • Detailed PPC custom reporting weekly

We strive to increase traffic and conversions and decrease spend by improving quality scores and increasing conversion and click through rates.

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