Graphic Design & Custom Graphics

Our 3plains designers are highly talented and experienced graphic designers with extensive background in digital logo design, custom packaging, print marketing, social media advertising, front end web development, apparel design, print design and digital media.

Graphic Design

Custom Maps, Calendars, Etc.

Custom maps for websites, brochures, postcards and infographics, our team has the creativity to give text a story behind it with a graphic touch. Professional graphic design elements are very underrated in our opinion when it comes to hunting, fishing and outdoor related industry websites.

Custom Camo Pattern Designs - Graphic Design

Custom Camo Pattern Design

Our 3plains designers have come up with a couple of different patterns as a example to show what is possible creating custom camo pattern with "3plains Spring Elements" and "3plains Autumn Elements" as show in the photo. Our lead graphic designer created two camo patterns with what he had in his backyard.

No matter what the project is as far as camo patterns go, we will get the job done if the budget is correct. If you are serious about the job, let us know. Give us a call at 612-716-2060 for a custom quote.

Graphic Design

Custom Graphics for Websites

Sometimes unedited photos and plain text just aren't enough for a website. Custom graphical elements and design tell a story and elicit a buying response.

Our 3plains graphic designers are creative and enjoy creating high quality custom website graphics. No matter what your vision is, we can design anything you are looking for or let our designers figure it out. It's what they do.

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