No thick rims, plaid shirts, man buns, skinny jeans, hipster beards or ambassador dog bios here. 3plains does not look the part of a dime a dozen internet marketing agency. Most importantly for your business, that also means no egos. We are a family-oriented collective of friends and colleagues who are ethical, and submit to a culture of doing what is right for the customer. Learn more about the people that make 3plains the company that it is.

Ryan Trask

Ryan Trask

Founder | SEO Consultant

Ryan has been building websites since 1997 and practicing SEO techniques professionally since 2002. As a skilled former Wells Fargo software developer and budding entrepreneur trying to run a small business out of his basement, Ryan originally founded Trask Software & Hosting in 2003, where he provided custom software applications to other web developers and hosted websites.

In 2006, Ryan changed his business model from a software company to create 3plains; a full-service internet marketing agency dedicated to providing digital marketing solutions for businesses within the hunting & fishing outfitter segments of the multi-billion dollar outdoor industry.

Ryan is a straight-shooting Midwesterner who embraces the challenges that come with running a remote organization in an industry that changes by the minute. He enjoys building long-term relationships with other business owners who not only share his natural curiosity, but also apply the same critical thinking skills required to develop a results-driven marketing strategy that generates revenue through an internet platform. Ryan has built out a process for his SEO philosophy as a company, and he offers his knowledge & expertise as a service to others looking to not only compete on the internet, but dominate.

3plains Staff - Ben H.

Ben Holbrook

SEM Consultant

Ben brings over 14 years of marketing experience within the outdoor industry to the 3plains team. As a tenured marketing executive for a well-established, high profile hunting & fishing consulting agency, he developed an in-depth knowledge of SEO, SEM and other digital marketing techniques used to capture internet leads. Ben has witnessed first-hand the significance of understanding the analytical elements offered by all of the digital tools available on the internet today to help drive sales results. He is a Google Ads certified PPC expert, and will be providing guidance & oversight for all paid search and Google Remarketing campaigns offered to 3plains clients.

Ben grew up in the Midwest hunting and fishing and has traveled around the world in pursuit of adventure, although his favorite destination will always be deer camp in Northern Minnesota. After aggressively recruiting Mr Holbrook for over 10 years, 3plains is absolutely thrilled to welcome Ben as the latest addition to our Leadership Team.

3plains Staff - Ryan M.

Ryan Marincovich

UI/UX Consultant

Ryan brings nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. He started developing websites in 1998, and currently he’s in charge of our UI/UX design and development, while overhauling our product line and internal websites. He’s built a new responsive platform for our website products, as well as our content management system. Ryan M. will continue to expand our web tools and themes well into 2020.

Ryan started fishing with his Grandpa when he was 3, and hasn’t stopped since. He’s fished all over the continent including Alaska and Canada, and is constantly looking for the next new fishing “hot spot”. He started hunting after completing the hunter’s safety course at 14, when his shotgun was taller than he was. Since then he’s hunted deer, pheasants, quail, doves, and a handful of other birds. An Elk hunt is a dream he hasn’t lived yet, but it’s on the bucket list. From exploring the BWCA to fishing from a kayak in the ocean, Ryan truly loves the outdoors and is happiest on a boat with a beer in his hand.

Currently Ryan resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He’s been a baseball and more importantly a Cubs fan since he was old enough to swing a bat. Growing up in small town Iowa didn’t leave much for professional sports team choices, (not to mention a lot of other things), so he landed on the Cubs for baseball and oddly enough the New York Rangers for hockey. He spent 16 years moving around the Twin Cities so he still follows the Twins and the Wild of course.

3plains Staff - Matt

Matt Dahlstrom

Creative & Brand Manager

Matt has worked in the outdoor industry for many years for a few different companies including Cabela's, Hard Core Brands, and Bone Collector. Matt knows the outdoor business quite well, and is well-versed in many different areas. He is a highly talented and experienced graphic designer with an extensive background in digital logo design, custom packaging, print marketing, social media marketing, front end web development, apparel design, and print & digital media. As a professional photographer, Matt has produced a portfolio of images that have been featured throughout several outdoor media publications over the years.

Matt is a passionate outdoorsman who grew up hunting and fishing with his father and brother. He has traveled all over the United States & Canada following his passion for the outdoors.

3plains Staff - A.J. Davidson

A.J. Davidson

Client Onboarding & Recruiting

As an accomplished Fortune 1 account manager and seasoned marketing professional, A.J. cut his chops within the outdoor industry by working directly with hunting & fishing product suppliers to produce digital item page catalog content for walmart.com. He possesses the unique ability to break down technical information and present it in a manner that is easily understood by those he encounters.

From custom logo & website design to brand building, organic SEO implementation, PPC advertising, SEO copywriting, media relations and major trade show event planning, A.J.'s extensive experience in developing both digital and traditional marketing campaigns allows him to help clients discover the best possible solutions for their advertising dollar.

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