Domain Registration & Management

At 3plains with our automated domain name and management package, your domain name automatically renews each year along with our monthly or annual 3plains CMS package.

What is Domain Management?

Domain management, or domain name management, refers to the ongoing tasks of keeping a business domain (or domains) stable, secure, and able to support your website. We will manage your domain name as part of a package so you won't have to even think about your domain name or the service.

It's amazing how many companies let domains lapse and expire because they don't update a credit card or have an old email, or make the mistake of doing something as simple as not checking their email. We have seen multi-million dollar companies let their domains lapse and cause their entire organization's email to not work.

What's Included

  • If you do not yet have a domain, 3plains will register and maintain your domain assuming the domain name is available (we can confirm availability for you).
  • Clients that currently have a registered domain can have their domain transferred to 3plains for management services. Assuming correct login credentials are provided, pricing starts at $100 for the first hour of work and will be billed at an additional $100 per hour if there are complications.
  • Annual renewal of your domain name. Your domain is critical to your business and 3plains manages your domain so you do not need to worry about it expiring.
  • SPAM – there are a lot of spammers out there that target small businesses about their domains. Example: "CLICK HERE OR YOUR DOMAIN WITH EXPIRE" When 3plains manages your domains you can delete the spam without a thought. Here are two examples: Domain Registry Scam and iDNS Domain Scam.

Complications with Domain & Email Transfers

Domain management and transfers can be complicated and many issues can arise.

  • Do you have login credentials?
  • Do you have an email associated with the domain?

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with these issues. We would be happy to assist and clients will be billed hourly for this custom service.

Domain Name Discovery

Don't have a domain name? Get started by finding your domain name at If you would like to register the domain name with us instead of Whois, Godaddy, Network Solutions, Name Cheap, Enom,, etc.

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