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Digital Strategy

Every website should have a purpose and goals. On its own, a website presents your products and services to your customers. Much like a digital business card, it gives potential customers a first look at your business. However, that’s simply not enough. To be competitive, you need more than a digital business card, you need to explore some key digital strategies to strengthen your business. One of the most important questions you can ask yourself: Is my website successful, or is it just a glorified online business card? If you’re having trouble reaching your clients or driving traffic, the experts at 3plains offer multiple digital services to help you compete.

Website Strategy for Outdoors

Website Digital Strategy & Review

If you have an existing website, 3plains can help you immediately. The first piece of the puzzle is creating an official website strategy review. We'll outline a professional marketing approach that meets the needs of your business. We’ll take a look at the marketing technologies you’re using, the on-page & off-page SEO of your business, even the look and feel of your website to determine the best approach & digital marketing strategies to employ. As an example, many of our customers are looking for leads & customers. And as a solution, we might combine organic SEO, PPC, phone numbers, call-to-action buttons & email marketing to fulfill your website’s main objectives. Every website can be improved (including our own). If you’re serious about running a successful website and business, then a formal digital strategy proposal from 3plains is necessary.

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Branding Strategy for Outfitters

Branding & Awareness

Does anybody know your business exists? Maybe that’s not a fair question. Does anybody besides your friends and family members know you run a business? If not, your business would greatly benefit from a 3plains Branding & Awareness package. 3plains is a full-service agency, and we create custom outdoor logos, official brand guideline documents, and custom websites that present your professional business in its most positive light. Did you know the average website visitor lingers on your website for less than 3 seconds? That’s why it’s so important to have a professional and credible look and feel for your business and website. If you want to convert potential customers in time, you need to create the right brand and image. Potential customers are looking for your story, and the experts at 3plains can help you tell it best.

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SEO Strategy

Organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Would your business benefit from more traffic and leads? Maybe. The truth is, your business will most benefit from the right kind of leads. For example, if you offer outfitted hunts in Wisconsin, your best, qualified traffic would be to customers looking to hunt in Wisconsin. You wouldn’t want to be advertising black bear hunts in Alberta. An organic strategy based around long-tail keywords in coordination with a marketing-friendly site architecture can deliver major benefits. When 3plains designs your website, we’ll audit your internal and external SEO to determine the best approach for title tags, meta information, and sitemaps. We'll give you the best chance at ranking organically for your business. If your objective is to drive more business and leads quickly? We’ll likely recommend PPC services or custom landing pages to capture customer information and business. To learn more about our SEO process, we’ve created an SEO resource that discusses this at length. We’ll also look at the off-page elements that affect your success in search engines. Do you have bad backlinks that need to be removed? Are the right kind of websites linking to your business or sharing your content? As part of our Digital Strategy & Review Process, we’ll review these pieces of your website with a recommended action plan for your overall business goals.

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Facebook Ads for Outdoors

Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy

If you do a few searches online about content strategy, you’ll see this statement over and over. Content is KING. The more content your website has, the more search engines and potential customers will learn about your business. And in return? The better your chances are that you’ll be able to drive more customers to your business. 3plains works hard to audit the content of your website including video content, blog posts as well as social marketing media accounts. Depending on your budget and overall goals, we can recommend a content marketing strategy that fits your business.

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Outdoor Advertising

Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

The amount of third-party marketing software and advertising opportunities is astounding. We’re not sold on many of them. But, over the years, we’ve discovered and developed a few key pieces of marketing that work extremely well for our customers. Do you own a hunting lodge, or are you a hunting guide or outfitter? Then, we’d highly recommend our Ultimate Outdoor Network to complement your current marketing in your business. Are you looking for email marketing services? Complex e-commerce apps or solutions to run your products store? Our Digital Strategy Audit will present our best recommendations that align with your business goals and objectives.

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