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Work at 3plains

Work at 3plains

3plains is a small, fast-paced company specializing in online business solutions for multiple markets including the outdoors. We provide unique, customized solutions for small businesses seeking to become more successful online. Our 3plains team has in-depth first-hand knowledge of not only the products and services our clients provide but also the requirements they have to grow and be successful.


Why Join the 3plains Team?

  • Remote office - We all work remote and have since 2011. Discipline, organization, and self-starting is a requirement, as working remotely is not for everyone.
  • Flextime - Depending on your position, we may need you during early hours, midday, or later in the evening. Regular hours are flexible.
  • Creativity - We encourage "outside the box" thinking, ideas and problem solving.
  • Hardware - Full time employees get to pick their own home setup.

Positions Available

3plains is always looking to add qualified applicants to our growing team of digital enthusiasts and are on the lookout for full-time, part-time, or contractors that are hardworking and trustworthy.

How to Apply

We are always looking for new talent that fits our 3plains business model. If you are interested, how to apply is below.

  1. Email to careers (at)
  2. Position you are applying for
  3. Compelling email on why you would like to work here
  4. Resume (attached PDF, LinkedIn link or website link)
  5. Optional - Examples of your work (portfolio attachment and/or link)

We respect your time, and sincerely appreciate your general interest.

After Applying

After applying, you may or may not hear from us. If your information is what we feel fits our team, you will receive a response directly from the President Ryan Trask. Any email response from anyone else is a scam.

Not following the instructions above, calling us, email bombing, or spamming our website contact forms or support forms after applying, means you will not be considered.

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