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Careers at 3plains

Careers at 3plains

3plains is a small, fast-paced company specializing in online business solutions for the hunting, fishing, and outdoors industries. We provide unique, customized solutions for businesses seeking to become more successful online. We pride ourselves on being avid outdoorsmen & outdoorswomen, and have an in-depth first-hand knowledge of not only the products and services our clients provide, but the requirements they have to grow and be successful.

Positions Available

3plains is currently looking to add qualified applicants to our growing team of outdoors / digital enthusiasts.

Why Join the 3plains Team?

  • Remote office - We all work from home, so grab your wireless internet and make your deer stand your office if you really want to.
  • Flex time - Depending on your position, we may need you during early hours, midday or later in the evening. Regular hours are flexible between 8am-9pm CST.
  • Work Environment & Style - Since we work remotely, we're pretty laid back. We don't believe in micromanagement as long as everyone gets their work done.
  • Type of Work - We work on hunting, fishing, and outdoors projects.
  • Creativity - We encourage thinking "outside the box" and promote innovation and efficiency.
  • Health Benefits - Two full medical benefits packages and dental benefits for full-time employees.
  • PTO - We have 6 paid national holidays and the rest is up to you. We all work hard and take time off when we need to.

How to Apply

To apply and to be considered, please email Ryan Trask at careers {at} 3plains.com with the following 3 attachments:

  1. Cover Letter (addressing the following points)

    • What position you are applying for, skill-sets that relate to the position, and specific examples of your work.
    • We work remotely and realize it's not for everyone. Explain why working from home is a good fit for you, and why you're able to be productive outside an office.
  2. Resume
  3. Employment Application (Download here)

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