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Why 3plains?

Why 3plains?

3plains is a collaborative group of individuals within the outdoors industry, dedicated to those clientele that wish to take their outdoor marketing and design to the next level. We make it easy for our clients to achieve growth within the hunting and fishing segments, mastering our ability to develop marketing plans that capture your clientele's attention, withdraw a positive and joyful experience, and compel those clients to connect with your business. Our number one goal is to drive more clients to your door, presenting you with the opportunity to succeed.

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Google Penguin Update 4.0


Has your SEMRush, SEOMoz, Google Analytics Account, or other Tracking Software been bouncing around here in the last several weeks? Well, there is possibly a reason for that - Google Penguin 4.0.

The Pharma Hack & SEO Implications


We usually have multiple projects going at once and I'm one of the multiple 3plains employees who are working on any given project at one time. Typically I'm involved with the setup, the launch and the search engine marketing side of projects. For this project, Derek had noted in the initial project ticket that when this new client had signed on, that his rankings were not what they used to be - in fact "terrible" was the word used multiple times.

Responsive Design and the “Mobile First” Philosophy


Responsive Design. A term that’s been thrown around so much in the last 5 years we hardly know what it truly means anymore. What is Responsive Design? What is Responsive Development? I break it all down in this article and why we created a hybrid of Responsive Design and Adaptive Design for our new website.

Video Production / Outfitter Promo

We storyboarded, filmed and coordinated the production of Buffalo Butte Ranch in Gregory South Dakota. View the video below or read more here.

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