3plains Photography Services

3plains Photography Services

Featured photography can make or break your website. As easy as iPhone photos are, utilizing the precision and quality of a professional photographer is essential for a high-quality website that produces more than just traffic but brings lead conversions. It's no secret that professionally created visual content shows an organization's commitment to providing superior service and customer experience. 3plains offers custom on-site photography packages for your hunting lodge, action shots, panoramic, aerial, and still photography.

We Take Pictures for you

Still Photography Services

As simple as still photography is and even with the abundance of cheap powerful cameras on the market, it is hard to get high-quality photos on your website. A lot of the time we rely on stock photography that is available to us or we have to buy it. When you buy stock photos, for the most part, most people know it's stock. When your customers ask you about the killer photos on your website after you choose to do a photo session, you will tell them with confidence that you had them taken by a professional. Professional photos will sell hunting and fishing trips. Give us a call and we can talk about options.

Hunting Lodge 360° Photos

Panoramic Photography Services

3plains will take panoramic photos of your hunting land, hunting lodge, fishing boat, hunt in blinds, pits, or whatever we think would give your potential customers a better feel for the space and what you do. We will need to be on-site to do the work. The above photo is taken with a fish-eye lens and we stitched multiple photos together. We could visit your hunting facilities and take care of virtual tours, website design, brochures, business cards, logo design, print design, and search engine optimization. We do it all, so we will make a visit worth your while.

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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Services

We know drones are the hottest thing since sliced bread right now. We have invested in a drone for aerial photos to provide clients with that extra piece of special to add to their marketing materials. We will follow your hunters in the field, get flushing bird photos, show off your food plots, buttes, draws, or just get a layout of the land. Example in the photo: Aerial Photography - Iowa Winery

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Photography Editing

Photo Editing / Graphic Design

In addition to the photography, our on-site photographer professionally edits photos to get the maximum quality and detail in each photograph.

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