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Video Promos & Editing Services

3plains now offers outdoor and hunting video production. How would you like a professional promotional video made for your website, a commercial for TV or professional video for a DVD kit you send to prospective clients?

Promo Videos from 3plains

Promotional Videos

The team at Buffalo Butte Ranch had a promo video made, read the blog about the trip.

Promotional Video Example - Buffalo Butte Ranch

Whiteout Media and 3plains

Video Editing Services

a) A brief video about your lodge, guides, and land.
b) A brief video showcasing a hunt(s) at your lodge.
c) A picture sideshow video with music.
d) A commercial to run on T.V.
e) A combo of any of the following.

We will take video clips that you already have to produce your video or we can come out and film a video for you. With our professional filming equipment and experienced hunters and cameramen, we are sure to put together a video that is of professional quality. Put the video on DVD to send to potential customers or have us embed it on your website for everyone to see.

Why Choose 3plains for Videos

Why 3plains for your Video Services

As the leader in outdoor industry website and logo design, 3plains is inherently interested in your business. We all are involved with hunting, fishing, and communing with nature in one way or another.  We both understand you, and have a great grasp on what works in today's market and what does not. Every day we do our very best to bring our outdoor experiences and philosophies into every project we build.  Please take a moment to view our portfolio and ask questions, or read a few testimonials from our clientele.

Video Promo Pricing

The prices are almost always different for each customer. Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for in a video and we will discuss your individual needs. Call us at 612.716.2060 or send us a email.

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