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Marketing Tools & Resources

Free marketing tools, calculators and marketing resources from 3plains.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator - What is the Lifetime Value of a Customer? When you book a new group it's important to understand the total value, or lifetime value, of your new customer. The 3plains CLTV calculator enables you to measure the value of new customers over a period of time, factoring in profit margins, rebooking rates and other metrics. This enables you to measure the true success, or lack of success, of your marketing efforts and the return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Is your website mobile-friendly? - With the emergence of Google’s mobile first indexing and, on average, 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, the importance of a mobile-friendly, responsive website is critical for your website to rank well in search engines. What is Responsive Design? Responsive web design simply means the site "responds" to any screen size to ensure the best possible user experience no matter what device is used to view your website. "Mobile first" requires a friendly interface for touch screens, with readable font sizes, and no pinching or zooming when viewing the site. At larger screen sizes, the navigation, images, and content will adapt for optimal usability all the way up to large desktop monitors.

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