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Why 3plains?

3plains is a collaborative group of individuals within the outdoors industry, dedicated to those clientele that wish to take their outdoor marketing and design to the next level. We make it easy for our clients to achieve growth within the hunting and fishing segments, mastering our ability to develop marketing plans that capture your clientele's attention, withdraw a positive and joyful experience, and compel those clients to connect with your business. Our number one goal is to drive more clients to your door, presenting you with the opportunity to succeed.

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3plains Client Testimonials

Scent by the Yard

Scent by the Yard

Wow. Ryan and Matt really did a great job for me and Scent by the Yard. They were fast, efficient and the price was right for a great logo. What else can you ask for? The logo's were so good I purchased two of them because I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked best. It worked out perfect because one made for a great logo and the other one made for a great T-shirt design. Bingo! Thank you 3plains.

Cary Dion
Owner, Scent By The Yard
Services: Logo Design

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Outdoors/Marketing Blog

Why am I not seeing my search ads in Google?


The great thing about Google Ads is the ability to quickly get your products seen on the first page of Google. A Google Ads account can be set up in one day and your product ads can be showing on the top of the front page in search the next day, or even that afternoon.

What is the story with Yelp in 2019?


When Yelp went public in 2012, the popularity of the review site was quickly growing and its stock soared. But it’s been a rocky road since then as advertisers fled the platform and as competition has increased from Google, Facebook and others. Watch the 12 minute video to hear the story of Yelp and learn why the company has lost its 5-star rating.

Tracking Down A Client's Domain Name


Some days I seriously feel like I'm Fred Jones tracking down a ghost with my ol' pal Shaggy (A.J. Davidson) and Scooby-Doo rollin' in the Mystery Machine. I am surprised by the amount of businesses running in the dark about where or what is going on with their domain name or website host. Most small businesses trust their website company, consultant, buddy, webmaster, or whatever you call it.

Video Production / Outfitter Promo

We storyboarded, filmed and coordinated the production of Buffalo Butte Ranch in Gregory South Dakota. View the video below or read more here.

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