The 3plains Team

The 3plains Team

3plains is a small, family oriented company of friends and associates that are ethical and submit to a culture of doing what is "right for the customer". Learn more about the people that make 3plains the company it is.

Ryan Trask

Ryan Trask

SEO Specialist & Owner

As the sole owner of 3plains since 2003, Ryan originally founded 3plains by providing software applications to other developers. Through the years, Ryan changed 3plains from a software and hosting company to a full-service marketing agency servicing outdoor industry clientele. Ryan handles the sales, SEO, marketing campaigns and the operational side of 3plains. Ryan has been building websites since 1997 and SEO campaigns since 2001, so there hasn't been too much he hasn't seen throughout the years.

3plains - Nicole Ford

Nicole Ford

Project Manager & Accounting

Nicole will be the voice on the other end of the phone when you give 3plains a call. She comes to 3plains with over 10 years experience managing multiple projects throughout the digital production process. Nicole believes in a hands-on approach in order to ensure that all custom mobile responsive website or custom logo from 3plains projects exceed all of our client's expectations. She also deals with a little bit of everything else; from assisting in simple site updates to responding to billing inquiries. Whenever Nicole does catch a break, she enjoys running her Polaris 800 Pro RMK to the shooting range with her Ruger SR22. Nicole also administers our Ultimate Outdoor Network so that it is continuously updated and packed with guides and outfitters.

3plains Staff - Matt

Matt Dahlstrom

Lead Designer & Marketing

Matt has worked in the outdoor industry for many years for a few different companies including Cabela's, Hard Core Brands International LLC, and Bone Collector LLC. Matt knows the outdoor business quite well, and is well-versed in many different areas. He is a highly talented and experienced graphic designer with an extensive background in digital logo design, custom packaging, print marketing, social media advertising, front end web development, apparel design, and print & digital media. As a professional photographer, Matt has produced a portfolio of images that have been featured throughout several outdoor media publications over the years.

Matt is a passionate outdoorsman who grew up hunting and fishing with his father and brother. He has traveled all over the United States & Canada following his passion for the outdoors.

3plains Staff - Ryan M.

Ryan Marincovich

UI/UX Designer & Web Developer

Ryan brings nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. He started developing websites in 1998, and currently he’s in charge of our UI/UX design and development, while overhauling our product line and internal websites. He’s built a new responsive platform for our website products, as well as our content management system. He will continue to expand our web tools and themes well into 2018.

Ryan started fishing with his grandpa when he was 3, and hasn’t stopped since. He’s fished all over the continent including Alaska and Canada, and is constantly looking for the next new fishing “hot spot”. He started hunting after completing the hunter’s safety course at 14, when his shotgun was taller than he was. Since then he’s hunted deer, pheasants, quail, doves, and a handful of other birds. An Elk hunt is a dream he hasn’t lived yet, but it’s on the bucket list. From exploring the BWCA to fishing from a kayak in the ocean, Ryan truly loves the outdoors and is happiest on a boat with a beer in his hand.

Currently Ryan resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He’s been a baseball and more importantly a Cubs fan since he was old enough to swing a bat. Growing up in small town Iowa didn’t leave much for professional sports team choices, (not to mention a lot of other things), so he landed on the Cubs for baseball and oddly enough the New York Rangers for hockey. He spent 16 years moving around the Twin Cities so he still follows the Twins and the Wild of course.

Custom Hunting Logos

Cornel Marin

Marketing & Design

Cornel has been a vital element of our design team, taking on a lot of our logo and design project. With over 18 years of experience he tries to visualize what the clients want and apply it to pixels and vectors (and even pencil and paper). Cornel loves the opportunity interact with different people and develop his skill set while providing a high-quality product.

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