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Copyright or Trademark your Logo

Copyright or Trademark your Logo

Copyright or Trademark your Logo

November 21, 2012 by

Copyrights and trademarks are used to protect your intellectual property against infringement. Copyrights protect works of authorship, such as written work, film, audio, digital files and logos. These usually apply to works you’ve created. Trademarks are used for words, phrases, and symbols that identify a company and distinguish it from others. Because our custom logos include original, and often times commissioned, artwork you may want both a copyright and trademark to protect it and your brand from unauthorized use. We recommend you talk to an attorney, as 3plains does not apply for a copyright or give legal advice to our clients.

Apply for a Copyright

To apply for copyright, go to:

Follow the instructions for How to Register a Work through Electronic Copyright Office. You'll want your .jpg logo file handy to upload, and there is a fee to complete your registration.

Your Copyright will require approval and show a pending status until approved, but once your registration is approved your copyright will apply to the date of registration not the date of approval.

Apply for a Trademark

To apply for trademark, go to:

Click Trademarks, then under Tools choose the second link for TEAS File Forms Online. You will need to upload a .jpg file of your logo art during this process.

There is a registration fee to apply for a trademark and it is non-refundable. recommends visiting their Trademarks Basics page before filing for a Trademark. Take your time, watch the videos, and read their information before you decide to file for a Trademark.

Copyright Transfer Form

The designer (i.e. 3plains) retains the personal and professional rights to the logo design you hired 3plains to create. This is the norm. What you (the client) needs to do, is ask 3plains for the "Copyright Transfer Form" which relinquishes all personal and professional rights to the artwork.

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