Customer Service In the Field

Customer Service In the Field

Customer Service In the Field

January 18, 2014 by

Customer service is always number 1 for us since that's what a service based company is supposed to do. Our customers expect us to be service oriented, honest, outdoor oriented and reliable. Monday thru Friday we are at it hard, but even when hunting, we will get back to our customers if and when needed.

Customer Service

As much as we love our job, we do like to hunt and fish which makes us us that much better outdoor marketers.

What happens when our customers have a pressing issue or something need something taken care on a whim? Well, we do stop our hunt and take care of business when we need to no matter where we are...

In the truck "blocking" while hunters hunt the field


In South Dakota taking care of customers while on point for doves


At the South Dakota pheasant opener sleeping in front of the computer


Sitting on a customers lodge deck in South Dakota answering emails


At the South Dakota governors hunt weekend working on a website


At the Pintail Lodge in San Fernando Mexico relaxing after the morning duck hunting


Writing code at a South Dakota hunting lodge


Building a new website


Enjoying the evening in Western South Dakota with a cold beer


Northern Minnesota on call during the weekend taking care of a pressing issue for a customer



Photography is a fun hobby for us while we are out enjoying the great outdoors hunting or fishing. 

Ryan in Southeast South Dakota snapping photos


Ryan in Southeast South Dakota getting attacked by a dog

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