Tracking Your Advertising Performance

Tracking Your Advertising Performance

Tracking Your Advertising Performance

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All advertising is worth considering; It's figuring out the value each can bring is the key - and that value get's determined with tracking. If you are not tracking your AD investment, your spending blind.

Trade Shows

Surprisingly trade shows are trackable to a point. Read my past article on how to track leads at each trade show you are going to.

Advertising Websites

As a quick example, we had a customer spend $895/Annually for a website Advertisement and received only 16 clicks from the AD to their website in 1 full year (I analyzed their Google Web Analytics).

The Math - $895 Annual Spend / 16 clicks = $55.94 per click

Obviously there are other factors and metrics to consider, but I wanted to give you a example of one metric worth looking at. At close to $56 dollars per click, that's a bad investment. The ROI is just not there. More frequently I see clicks ranging from a 10 cents to a few dollars per click which is more in-line to what you should be paying.


It's pretty hard to track print advertising if your advertising in Magazines, unless you are providing a unique URL or landing page like www.3plains.com/BigDeal. I'm quite certain you have seen the TV advertisements that provide a unique URL like www.TVAdvertsementCompany.com/FreeDealNow/or something like that.

Phone Calls

Another thing worth considering is call tracking software so you know where your ad dollars are going. Here's a example company worth checking out: http://www.callrail.com/ We have a particular company we have partnered with if you want to explore this further.

Ask Your Clients

As always, ask your clients specifically how they found you. If they say they found you on your website, that may not be the case. They may have clicked from a external website source or maybe they received your name from a friend but then went to your website first. Don't worry about asking them, 9 times out of 10 they will be happy to tell you.

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