Website Address on Vehicles

Website Address on Vehicles

Website Address on Vehicles

October 15, 2009 by

Living in the Twin Cities in Minnesota involves driving a lot of driving with the poor transportation system. A person usually spends between an average of 20-50 minutes in their vehicle typically. Since I can get quite bored, obviously I end up looking at vehicle decals, advertisements or business signage on the roads. It never ceases to amaze me how many vehicles have logo'ed trucks, banners, stickers, and so forth with a phone number, but zero indication of a web address.

For Vehicles

I find it absolutely insane to provide a phone number but no website address. Besides, even if someone see's the phone number, how could they ever possibly remember it, or write it down if your on the road. Now think about if you saw a memorable website address. There is a much greater chance that someone will remember a website address.Who is going to remember a phone number? Make a sticky URL and go with that.

For Banners & Signage

I like when I see "Apartments For Lease" with that monster yellow banner with the phone number, but no web address. I rarely see a sign with a web address. Why not? Or even with your signage, I've seen people change their sign to include the .com and even have a 2nd version of their logo or brand to include the .com with their sign. That's a trend I think we will see increasing each year.


Here's a idea that I have not seen utilized yet. Why not have special promo code on the advertisement where people log onto your website address and type in a code to get a percent off or some kind of a deal? Make the user do something instead of just providing the old standard phone number.

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