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Trade Show Design Services

Trade show design services by 3plains.

Trade Show Design

Portable Pop Up Displays

Do you need some ideas on how to stand out in a crowded trade show when you only have a 10 foot space? Do you need to be able to travel with your display? Would you rather fly to your location and have your booth ready for you when you arrive or do you prefer to take your truck and enclosed trailer with your trade show booth?

Portable displays are designed to travel, setting up quickly and easily for the person on-the-go. When you use a few banner-stands or a tabletop display, they can pack into road cases that fit into the back of your car, or they can be shipped using UPS or FedEx. Whether it’s a pop-up display or a modular fabric mural, you’ll deliver your message in a clear and concise way. Capturing the attention of the outdoorsman and promoting your products and services to their greatest advantage.

Trade Show Design

Installation & About The Pop Up Stand

The Nomadic Instand 8x10 (10ft) Pop Up Display is a great solution for first time exhibitors or as a last minute display solution. There are a variety of solutions from magnetic panels to fabric panels. We recommend magnetic panels, like the Buffalo Butte Ranch example shown on this web page.

Own vs. Rent - You can own or rent this pop up stand kit. The kit includes: the pop up frame, fabric panel end caps, lights, and hard shipping cases. Display Rental Includes: 1 Week Rental, Nomadic pop up frame with struts, Fabric panels, 2 Halogen Lights and 2 RollEase Cases.

Additional Options - There are options for table rental, chairs, bring your own or rent from the event. The options depend if you want to stand, sit on a low table, high top table, off to the side or in front of a podium. Please discuss with 3plains so we can find out what type of person you are, what you prefer and how many people you have at the trade show booth typically at a event.

Installation - Installation is easy. Watch this 2 minute video below.

View Video Installation

Trade Show Design

1. Portable Full Pop Up Display

This Nomadic Curved Exhibit example is 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall for the client Buffalo Butte Ranch. 3plains designed a very clean design that showcases their lodge, logo/brand and their website in the upper right hand corner. We decided to go more minimalist with this design, since we wanted to let the lodge and pheasant logo speak for itself. We put a wood background across the bottom along with featured bullet points since the client was going to put a table off to the side of the booth. They opted for a high top table, with a black cloth with the company logo and higher directors chairs. Unfortunately, this type of setup hides the bottom text, but with the booth design, it works both ways. So it's not a big deal, but something to think about.

The design was put on 3 magnetic panels that roll up in the plastic cases. The vendors we use have high quality printing on the panels so they can be used for years without degrading down like other vendors.

We recommend the rental solution vs buying. This rental kit includes: the pop up frame, fabric panel end caps, lights, and hard shipping cases. All items get shipped in the cases. They rent the table and chairs at each show and the table cloth with the logo is shipped with the items.

View 10' Classic Specs

Trade Show Design

2. Portable Pop Up Table Top Display

This Nomadic Curved Exhibit example is 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall for 3plains at a pheasants forever tradeshow. This is actually a example of what NOT to do, even though it was our booth space. This example has the table pop up display in the background, a table and chairs we brought since it was close to home and 2 retractable banners. As you can see it's crowded and not a good setup for a 10' area. We had prepared for a bigger area, so as you can see, proper planning is important to your trade show booth.

Focus on only the back table and pop up display. The table features the black cloth with a 3plains old logo on it. Sitting on the table is a portable pop up table top display that is 8' x 4'. The design was put on 3 magnetic panels that roll up in the plastic cases. The vendors we use have high quality printing on the panels so they can be used for years without degrading down like other vendors. If you look REALLY close, you can see the seams. However, to the naked eye, it's hard to notice, especially with a good design on the panels.

Another portable pop up table example is at the very bottom of this article under trade show tips. There are a lot of variations we can design.

Trade Show Design

3. Collage Retractable Banners

A collage of retractable banners are nice since they setup in minutes and fit perfectly as a backdrop in many trade show booth areas.

These examples of portable displays use lightweight materials and matched impactful graphics, these traffic-generating displays and modular back walls are best sellers. They combine style with creativity to build powerful presentation capabilities. Add a welcome counter off to the side, a video monitor to showcase your hunting or fishing operation to complement your exhibit system and engage your potential customers.

A lot of hunting and fishing outfitters over think the tradeshow design and add more and more items to it to try and add "wow" to it. This just clutters your area and confuses the customer. Keep the area simple using the KISS method and let your product speak. As a guide, lodge or outfitter, you are part of the product.

View Retractable Banner Specs

Trade Show Design

4. Independent Retractable Banners

Retractable Banner Stands are a great marketing tool for hunting, fishing and outdoor trade shows. You can set them up in a variety of ways. The retractable banners includes printed banner, stand and case. They come in cases almost similar to pool cue cases.

As a example, we have seen customers use 2 retractable banners and 2 directors chairs and this was all they had in the 10' x 10' booth. The booth generated more traffic and interactive since you can pull the banners out more than halfway out of the 10' x 10' area, pulling you closer to the walking traffic and generating more interaction to the customers.

Ultimately, we recommend a trade show solution that you are most comfortable with and that you will feel the best in. Essentially, you will want to be comfortable since you are essentially selling at the end of the day.

View Retractable Banner Specs
Trade Show Design

5. Other Options

There are so many different variations out there depending on your trade show booth area. The most common size being the 10' x 10'. Feel free to hit Google Image search and google trade show exhibit portable as a example and maybe that will help figure out what exactly you will want for your business.

Trade Show Design

Trade Show Tips

What are the sales numbers of your last trade show? If you don't know, then this article will help you come up with a trackable process for trade shows, so you can start to do the numbers and determine ROI of each show.

View 3plains Trade Show Tips

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