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3plains offers premier website and logo design for hunting shows. Whether you're a T.V. show, online show, or just a group of friends filming your hunts, you found the right company to build your website and new logo. Browse our website for prices, examples, or just browse our blog for some of the recent news at 3plains.

Hunting TV Show Logos

TV Show Logo Design

Professional hunting logos by 3plains. View more information about our custom hunting logos and prices with the links below. Please view our professional portfolio and view testimonials from past customers.

"I have been looking for the "right" logo now for some time. I never got the feeling that the other designers understood what I wanted or needed. Once I spoke to 3plains it was like "bam" they got it and they also were able to give me some great ideas to add to it. Their knowledge of Logo Design and the Hunting Industry was a great asset to me and helped me get a design that was better than anything I ever imagined. They made it easy. - Kevin Hunt, Highland Outfitters"

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Web Design for Hunting Shows

TV Show Website Design

Reality Driven Pursuits is an online hunting show that features a group of guys that are passionate about bow hunting whitetail deer. They are weekly users of their website's blog and are always in their 3plains Site Manager making updates.

"To any prospective customer - 3plains is simply the best bang for your buck when it comes to website design. I could not have made any better choice than to choose 3plains. From the very start first conversation I had with Ryan, he made me feel comfortable and listened to my thoughts of what I wanted in a website. It really felt like a team effort building the site and it is obvious he wants your site to be better than the rest. What they say they are going to do is what they do. There is no doubt in my mind; 3plains is a class act and the clear choice. I would highly recommend Ryan and 3plains for your website. - Greg Galli, River Valley Outfitters"

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Web Design for Hunting Shows

Setting Up Your TV/Video Production Website

Pages in your video production website may include:

  • About- information about your video production company
  • Portfolio- sample videos for visitors to view
  • Blog page- create a blog page for your TV show personalities
  • Client testimonials- let everyone else know how happy your customers are.
  • Gear- explain to prospective customers the type of gear, cameras, computers, and software that you will be using to produce their video.
  • Services- explain what services you offer to prospective customers.

Note: You are not limited to a certain number of pages for your website. We have a website manager which allows you to add as many pages as you would like.

Web Design for Hunting Shows and Media Companies

Why 3plains

At 3plains we do our best to understand your video production business and what you provide. Our goal is not to undercut competitors or be cheap. Our sole focus is to value the dollars you actually spend so your money goes to a good product with excellent value. We have some experience in video production and editing and look forward to learning from your business while developing a website that fits all of your needs.

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