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This logo concept for Northeast Archers was drawn up by Chris Ward's wife on the bottom corner of some office memo, and photographed with a cellphone. The concept was spot on, and we couldn't wait to get started with the idea. We took their concept and ran with it. Once I saw her drawings I made one of my own, and got the guys at Northeast Archers to sign off on it. It was still 100% their concept... just fleshed out a little. From there everything went into the computer and I went to work drawing the letters and the arrowhead in digital vector format. Then came the ghosting in of a compass rose to seal the deal.

Company: Northeast Archers
Client: Chris Ward
Location: Northeast
Category: Bowhunting
Services: Custom Logo Design
Description: This group hangs their our own stands, check our own trail cams, do our own homework - And its all self-filmed.

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