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Here at 3plains we recently had the opportunity to update First Class Outdoors logo. We were thrilled at the opportunity to update and refresh their logo. In speaking to the owner, it became clear, that as a hunting booking agency here in the states, we could focus on a few areas First Class Outdoors was booking a lot of hunts in. Waterfowl hunts and Mule Deer hunts seemed to boil to the top of the list, so we set to work in putting together a new image that included these two species. The buck was drawn from photo reference, but the rack was altered slightly to be a little more symmetrical and full. Here in house we have lots of our own waterfowl images, but more often than not we’re asked to focus on the ones where the ducks and geese have their wings cupped. We chose two that are coming right at the viewer since the deer is looking straight ahead too. It seemed to make sense to have all three focused forward right at the viewer. Our resident deer and duck hunters like the concept a lot. We didn't stray too far from First Class’ original concept which in it’s own right had been balanced and classy. Because of this we were confident the new changes would honor the intent of the original logo, while allowing it to reflect the current First Class Outdoors, and its most supportive and active hunters.

Client: First Class Outdoors
Category: Hunting
Services: Custom Logo Design

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