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Custom Sketched Logo - Alligator Gar Bowfishing

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Shane looked to have a alligator gar be green toxic looking image. We decided to put the Mckinster's up top and Bowfishing below in a graffiti or similar font that was used in the example of the toxic with the same colors as the fish. The layout was sketched from a alligator gar from client and we took care of the artwork for the customer. A bow through the gar added the final touch, along with some additional toxic looking green sludge / seaweeds on the gar.

Company: McKinster's Bowfishing
Client: Shane Mckinster (Owner)
Location: Lake Texoma, Oklahoma-Texas
Category: Bowfishing
Species: Common carp, Grass Carp, Buffalo, Drum, Suckers, Shad, Trophy Longnose Gar, and Trophy Gator Gar
Type: Bow Fishing Logo Design
Description: Guided bowfishing trips on Lake Texoma with Shane Mckinster.

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