Whitetail Hunting Ghost Ranch Logo Design

Whitetail Hunting Ranch Logo Design

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Jordan at Ghost Ranch wanted his logo will represent his ranch on the Yellowstone River in Montana, a trophy Whitetail deer hunting property. The design and angle of the deer was critical to this logo coming to life. He wanted to see a mature, nontypical whitetail (drop tines, and a few kicker points) buck above and centered between Ghost Ranch, and somehow incorporate a mystic, ghostly feeling with the buck if possible (totally open to anything creative you may have in mind whether it be the facial design or horn design or anything). Behind/beside the buck does running away with their white tails up disappearing like a ghost.

Company: Ghost Ranch
Location: Yellowstone River, Montana
Category: Hunting, Ranch
Services: Logo Design
Description: Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch

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