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Robert & Sheila Rogge gave us a call and were looking for their website to start showing up it the search engines. We convinced them to re-build their website since Sheila wanted to update photos on a consistent basis as well as highlight their new lodge. The move worked out well as their booking demand soared. The newly designed high quality website matches the excellent lodge of Scattered Acres Outfitting and with high quality staff, this lodge is set to do well for the future. photography and logo excels the website into a quality tier.

Company: Scattered Acres Outfitting
Client: Sheila and Robert Rogge (Owners)
Category: Pheasant Hunting Lodge
Service: Web Design
Description: A family-owned business with a true passion for the outdoors. Located in North Central Kansas, our newly built lodge is the central hub of all hunting activities. The lodge is surrounded by native grass, crops and timber, offering ideal habit for your hunting.
Website: www.scatteredacresoutfitting.com

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