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This UGUIDE website is focused on 3 major things. One is great content and marketing. The second being the availability grid which is all custom programming for the client to update inventory and manage from the 3plains Site Manager tools. The third thing is the availability grid is tied into the Trip Cost Calculator which is a live booking engine custom built web development by 3plains. We took UGUIDE specifications and extensive pricing grid with all the discounts and tied it all together in a 3 step booking system. In the final step, his clients get kicked out to PayPal and we tied the PayPal IPN method to automatically send clients a itinerary based on their camp selection. The programming we did saves UGUIDE countless hours each year on paperwork - Time = Money. We kept the design really clean and minimal and opted waiting another couple of years for a responsive design as most of the clients are booking from their computers anyway.

Company: UGUIDE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting
Client: Chris Hitzeman (Founder/Owner)
Services: Web Design, Search Marketing, Business Cards, Rackcards, Custom Programming
Category: Hunting
Description: UGUIDE specializes in private-exclusive, self-guided-unguided, "fair chase" South Dakota pheasant hunting vacations. We take the "Hunt" out of securing for a great pheasant hunting experience for the fall season.

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