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Located in North Central Kansas, Kansas Creek Gamebirds was already a current customer from their Canada fishing lodge of Lac Seul Lodge. Rod and Lorita Zohn had been guiding hunters since 1998 on their Kansas hunting ground for close to 20 years. Lorita decided to give the website a facelift since it hadn't been redone since 2001 and the website was still in frames. After redoing the website, two weeks later and a quick pop in Google they saw their website sitting quite well for the keywords we were targeting.

Company: Kansas Creek Gamebirds
Location: North Central Kansas
Category: Upland Hunting
Service: Web Design
Description: Located in the North Central Kansas, 4000 acres of rolling hills overlooking the Republican River Valley sits Kansas Creek Gamebirds, a pheasant hunting guide service operated since 1998 by Rod and Lorita Zohn
Website: www.kansascreekgamebirds.com

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