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Antler Ridge Lodge is a family owned and operated pheasant hunting business located in the infamous Golden Triangle of South Dakota. Antler Ridge has some beautiful land, an amazing lodge, and lots and lots of pheasants. 3plains worked with Steve and Donna Kubik on site over time to provide photography and content consultation. The website is designed to get out of the way and let viewers really see what the Kubik's have to offer at Antler Ridge Lodge. The design is fairly simple web design. The design is clean, has good photography and the content is straight to the point highlighting their hunting services. The website is broken out into separate sections (pheasant, deer, turkey) to encourage visitors to get more information on the hunting experience offered at Antler Ridge Lodge in Hamill, South Dakota. The web site has other requested features: lodging, articles, video, photo gallery, custom contact form to email, customer testimonials, hunting wallpapers. The Website Manager gives Antler Ridge Lodge full control over their website, so they can update all the content and photos on their own.

Client: Antler Ridge Lodge
Location: Hamil, South dakota
Category: Hunting
Services: Web Design
Description: Offers pheasant hunting, mule deer hunts and merriam turkey hunts near the famed Winner, South Dakota.
Website: www.antlerridgelodge.com

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