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3plains offers some of the best-looking taxidermist website designs and professionally hand-drawn/custom-designed logos for taxidermy related businesses. We are hunters here at the office, so we are able to understand your business and what you do. Give us a call at 612-716-2060 or email us.

Taxidermy Logo Design Sketch

Professionally Designed Custom Logos

3plains will build and design a professional logo for your taxidermy business. Our logo designers will take your vision and work with you to make your logo a reality. Our logos are 100% custom-designed and trademarked for your taxidermy business. To the left is a sample for A. Miller's Taxidermy that we drew up for hand for him.

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Taxidermist Logo - Logo Design Taxidermist

Taxidermist Logo Design & Branding

Like your taxidermy business, we are a custom shop - that means nothing we build is quite the same. We understand each mount you design and build is custom, unique, and personal. That goes for what we design and build as well. We build custom logos for your taxidermy business and designed them just for you.

Listen to one of our past logo clients (the custom-designed logo to the left) - "I love the logo. I am really happy with the effort you put into this. Thank you, Alan Miller"

In addition, we are hunters, so you don't need to explain to a bunch of computer geeks what you do as a taxidermist. We understand what you do, the value, and the costs associated with it.

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Taxidermy Logo

Web Design for Taxidermists

Do you need a website design? Are you wondering what a web design costs? We have several different types of websites in a variety of price ranges. Some of our taxidermist clients are looking for a simple brochure-style website just to display the prices/rates for each style of mount and a quick portfolio of their work. Others are looking for a constant gallery of ongoing work they are working on.

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Promotional and Graphic Design

Take your custom taxidermy logo we designed for you and use it for a variety of items including your pickup, license plate, license plate holder, tailgate wrap, trailer graphics, packaging, signage, trade show booths, letterhead, scratchpads, stationary, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, coats, pullovers, etc. The sky is the limit.

Promotional/Graphic Design Portfolio

Website Design for Taxidermists

Website Hosting / CMS / Email Services

Manage your own taxidermist website content, photos, and your newest mounts or update a blog with your work or sort your photo gallery by big game, waterfowl, etc. Customers like our 3plains Site Manager because of the simple features:

  • Add your own pages
  • Add your own text
  • Add your own photos
  • View your statistics

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Professionally Designed Business Cards

Professionally Designed Business Cards

Business cards shouldn't be expensive. We have a one-time design fee, then you can use a local business card printer in your area or we work with several vendors for a great price. We hate to say cheap because they aren't - they are just a heck of a value.

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Taxidermy SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even though taxidermy is a highly localized and referral-based business, why not rank higher in your local market? Let 3plains help your taxidermy business rank high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We prove year after year that we can get businesses to rank well. SEO is hard work, it takes time but it’s worth it.

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Why Choose 3plains

3plains isn’t your ordinary web design company. We are hunters as well as internet experts. We know what you mean when you say that you just finished a mount of a Boone & Crockett Whitetail. We understand hunting and like talking to our customers about it. Contact us today for more info on Taxidermy Web Design or give us a call at 612.716.2060.

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