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Every single website on the internet lives on a computer somewhere. It has a physical address that holds all the text and images related to it. Usually, these computers are referred to as Servers, because when you hop on the internet and visit a website, the computer where it lives serves it to you via the internet. These servers are also called "Hosts" because they're making sure the websites they house and serve, have everything they need to work properly and show up on your computer at home when you ask them to. Unlike our competition, we don't use a cheap host.

Our hosting partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers some of the biggest brands in the world, and we use it here at 3plains to power your business. You can rest assured your website will be secure, stable, and up and running every day and night. With our own dedicated servers, you can also be assured that your website will never share hosting with x-rated or other undesirable websites.

Hosting fees are kind of like rent for your website(s) and can vary greatly depending on the type of accommodations a host is providing. Think of it as renting an apartment for your business partner. You can get a room at the end of the hall with a shared bathroom, no kitchen, and a roach problem or you can get something with a little more space, privacy, and most importantly security.

What our Hosting Includes

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Nightly website backups
  • 3plains CMS

Other Hosts / Cheap Hosts / Comparison Shopping

Hosting Costs - Hosting is flat-out a commodity these days. Just google "cheap hosting" and you will find thousands of them. I can't tell you how many people call us and tell us they pay a cheap monthly or cheap annual fee for hosting.

Hosting With A Cheap Provider - So what happens if you have issues with your cheap host and your website goes down, is hacked or something odd is going on? Do you call your website host or do you call your website design company such as 3plains? This is where the problem comes in. Whose problem is it really, and who is required to deal with the issue? If you have one of those cheap hosts, it's not 3plains's issue, that's up to you the client to figure out. This is the HUGE misconception out there - which is the relationship between the web design company, the client, and the cheap hosting provider.

Hosting With 3plains - With our hosting packages, you not only get the hosting, but you also get the hosting support along with it. This support can be quite valuable as you may not know what to do on a technical level, but we do. We "dumb it down" for you or "make sense of it".

Cheap Hosting Provider vs. 3plains as a Host - The bottom line is this. The cheap hosting providers are bare-bones and as a client, it's your responsibility for dealing with any issues that arise. If you want 3plains to take care of issues with your host, we bill our time to the client for time spent resolving the issue or issues. It's beneficial to use 3plains as a host if we are doing your marketing, web design, or other services so we can be as efficient as possible. We don't want to send you a bill for us trying to figure out the host you are working with, the custom system you run, or your login information to your host - this simply just wastes time and your money if we have to help you.

Value - If you want a cheap host, 3plains isn't for you. If you are looking for a good bang for the buck and experience when you need it, we are a company you can count on.

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