Custom Website Forms

Custom Website Forms

3plains offers custom website forms and custom web development depending on what our clients are looking for. We have examples below.

Contact Forms

Each of our 3plains websites features or contact form which integrates into our 3plains CMS. A example is below, but we do offer custom form options depending on what information our clients need to capture.


Survey Forms

We have built custom short survey forms for customers so they can continue to improve the quality of their hunting experience.


Booking Calculators

One of our clients wanted a custom online booking module he calls his "Trip Cost Calculator" in order for his customers to get a real time online quote, pay online and to book the hunt online. The challenge was to understand the clients complex rule system and to build the system to calculate correctly on his rule system, pass the price over to PayPal via IPN and then pass back values in order to start the process on the clients end. The project constantly gets revisited and revised based on rule changes and other additions. View the project - https://www.uguidesdpheasants.com/cost-calculator/

Registration Forms

Our client was looking for a system to accurately get information from each client with personal information, residence, flight information, gun information and any special requests.


Payment Forms

Depending on the payment gateway / merchant / payment processor that you use, we are able to work with them and get you the information you require. Even if it's as simple as a PayPal form, we can build custom elements like below to include the deposit amount, group name, email address, arrival date, departure date, hunting dates, number of hunters so you know what was booked.


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