Black Hills Snowmobiling Trip

Black Hills Snowmobiling Trip

Black Hills Snowmobiling Trip

March 06, 2014 by

It's been a busy hunting season for our customers and that typically means it's busy for us as well. However, I do need to sneak away from the computer from time to time. 

Wednesday morning I started the first leg of our Black Hills snowmobiling trip heading from Minneapolis, MN to Gregory, SD where I met my customer Dillon Springer of Backcountry Outfitters and Dillon's Brother in law/pheasant hunting guide Brandon Arizmendis. Brandon had a good bead on the weather by checking out the @SDSnowBlackHills twitter account, so we were pretty stoked we would hit fresh snow Thursday morning. On Wednesday night, we drove into Deadwood, South Dakota from Gregory and headed out Thursday morning for a early start.

Day 1 - Thursday

Snowing, low visibility, nice snow.

Heading from Deadwood to Trailshead Lodge


Shameless plug -


The farm snowmobile trailer with the Ski-Doo's



6600 Feet. Not Wyoming, but the Black Hills will do just fine.


Awesome day 1 conditions.


I should have put my other track





Day 2 - Friday

Sunny and good conditions.





Brandon GIF Animation almost hitting Ryan with the camera








Dillon animated GIF getting stuck with his Ski-Doo Summit

Day 3 - Saturday

No snow since Thursday, partially cloudy day and good conditions.



Dillon in the powder- Notice his windshield. Shameless plug -


Dillon about to lose control



Those trees look like a good place to put a sled.


Dillon: "Did you bring a saw?"
Brandon: "No."
Ryan: "I have a leatherman."


The trees brought about some issues. Mainly a broken throttle.


No extra throttle. What to do.


Obviously, tape will fix it.


Well, maybe tape won't fix it.







Creative guys.






Buckhorn Bar & Grill in Wyoming




Brandon at the Buckhorn Bar & Grill in Wyoming


GoPro Backpack Setup

Dillon setup a backpack with PVC pipe and it setup for a nice behind the helmet snowmobile cam with a different perspective.







Next Year

Next year we are looking for a few more bodies to join us. Let us know!

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