Ben Holbrook on Ep. 61 of the Filming with Josh Podcast

Ben Holbrook on Ep. 61 of the Filming with Josh Podcast

Ben Holbrook on Ep. 61 of the Filming with Josh Podcast

May 25, 2022 by

Ep. 61 - Video, Photography, & the Web with Ben Holbrook

On this episode of The Filming with Josh Podcast, host Joshua Milligan welcomes Ben Holbrook of 3plains Outdoor Marketing. As a Google Ads certified PPC expert, Ben has a background as a hunting consultant as well as in outdoor marketing, website design, and search engine optimization. Today, Ben works with 3plains as a marketing partner who works primarily with hunting outfits and fishing guides to help them design & manage websites as well as run Google ad campaigns along with numerous other marketing tactics.

From a video & photography perspective, Josh and Ben have collaborated together in the past and are about to undergo a new project, working to rebuild the online presence of a Texas based hunting outfitter. In this episode, Josh and Ben talk briefly about this project as well as how video and photography works with both websites and Google. The two also dive into tactics for branding businesses online as well as things videographers and photographers should keep in mind when approaching a project for a client. This is an information heavy podcast that covers a lot great topics that should hit right at home for business conscience content creators. So if you're a videographer or photographer, this podcast is for you!?

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