Overbuying domain names

Overbuying domain names

Overbuying domain names

July 26, 2017 by

In talking with our customers over the years, I find a common problem is overbuying domain names, running multiple websites, or buying domain name privacy options which is really unnecessary.

Common Issues

Clients will typically give 3plains access to their domain name accounts. When I login, quite often I see a huge list of domain names they bought. Some of the common things I see are:

  • Buying keyword rich .com names - Example: texas-whitetail-deer-hunting-lodge.com.
  • Buying the other TLD's - the .org, the .net, .info, or .whatever the case.
  • Buying misspellings or alternative spellings - mybusinessdomainnames.com (notice the s).
  • Buying privacy when clearly they have an address listed all over their website.


When I ask the client why they need to buy all the domain names and what their reasoning is, they usually say "It helps me in Google" or something of that nature. That's when I let them know they have received false information and are just wasting money.

The domain name SEO tricks used to work in the VERY early days of the web; meaning before 2003. In 2017, buying multiple domain names does nothing for you besides waste money each year buying more domain names. There are certain cases where buying multiple domain names can help, but I'd recommend speaking with a knowledgeable SEO or digital consultant before purchasing them.


It's in my professional opinion that you need to let all variations of mydomainname.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .everything or .whatever go. The problem with buying all of these variations is there are 100's and 100's of TLD's (Top Level Domains) in 2017. To lock them all up is extensive, expensive, and unnecessary. I mean seriously, look at all the variations:

The number of TLD's exceeds 700 domains and about 1,900 more are in the waiting list.

If you want to lock them all up, you will be wasting a huge amount of money and resources. So, what's the point of even locking up a .org, .net, .info or .com variation? There isn't one, so let them go.


If someone want's to mess with your business, they will. However, businesses have rights against domain cybersquatters. If you truly want to protect yourself, you are in for a true battle. Look at Trump.




The Trump organization registered 1000's of domains and the trouble makers still find a way to find ones they forgot to register. Look at how much money Donald Trump put into buying domain names only to find out his critics still found creative ways to register bad domain names against him.

Domain Name Privacy

Domain name privacy is another pointless product domain name registrars like Godaddy.com sell you. Again, totally unnecessary unless you are really trying to hide from the general public. If you have a website, you have probably registered a business with your state or maybe a trademark at a federal level. So why pay $9.99 annually for privacy per domain name? It's not worth it, especially if your business address is on your website.

You Really Need One Domain

I have seen businesses with 20-30 domain names and even over 100. You really only need one.

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