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How do I cancel service with 3plains?

Please read our Terms of service first. All 3plains subscriptions are processed in the Client Portal.

How to Cancel

You will need a customer id, primary email, domain name, and a reason for canceling service.

1. Customer ID

This field requires the customer ID number. You can find this in the 3plains Client Portal or past bills in the upper right hand corner.

2. Primary Email

By default, this the email address used during the checkout for the purchase, unless you updated it after the purchase date in the 3plains Client Portal. Note that although any given hosting subscription may have multiple emial logins with different permissions, support or billing contact, only the primary point of contact email address can be used to cancel the subscription.

3. Domain Name

Be prepared to supply the domain name assigned to the subscription.

4. Reason for Canceling

Supply information about your reason(s) for canceling.


After a successful submission, you will receive a automated email. If you did not receive this message, you did not properly submit your cancellation request. The confirmation notice will be sent to the primary Point of Contact’s email address. Once you submit a proper cancellation request, your data can be permanently deleted from our servers at any time. If you need assistance saving data before canceling, please contact 3plains support.


3plains offers no pro-rated refunds of the unused portion of your final billing cycle. You can view billing cycle dates in your 3plains Client Portal and click on the "package" link.

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