How do I cancel service with 3plains?

Please read our Terms of service first.

Policy for Cancellation / Leaving Service with 3plains

  • Subscription - There is a 30 day notice required for cancelling. I understand I will get billed for the current month and following month (twice) in my agreement if past the 1st of the month per our 30 day notice. Annual subscriptions will not be credited back. You can find your subscriptions in your 3plains portal or by clicking here.
  • Domain - If I have a domain or multiple domains managed with 3plains, it is my responsibility to do a transfer request or to request an account change (instructions are here). 3plains will not notify me and it's my responsibility to know what domains I own - you can find that in the 3plains domain account area.
  • Email - I am responsible for migrating my email to my new provider. If your email is hosted at 3plains, here are instructions to move your email to a new email host - all you need is your email address and your password to move your email.
  • Google Analytics - If my Google Analytics account was managed through a 3plains account, it will get removed unless you request the Google Property is requested to be moved. Here are instructions if you want to move your Google Property away from 3plains.
  • Website Migration - My new website provider is responsible for backing up my website and moving files. 3plains does not provide FTP access for websites on the 3plains CMS. Website pages can be backed up from any browser using the "Save As" function. If you ask, we will supply a complementary CSV file of your email contacts and all photo assets via zip file. Other hosting platforms, we will decide on a as-is basis.
  • Design Files - Any design files may be deleted or archived. If future retrieval is needed and the files are still in our archive, a fee will be charged for retrieval (i.e. logo design, brochure design, business cards, etc.). Your website design may contain a 3plains Trademark and moving the design to another host is in violation of our 3plains Terms of Service. The web design (i.e. 3plains framework) may be used, if a do-follow link to 3plains in the footer stays in tact and 3plains is notified and agrees the the link.

How to Cancel

The 3plains account owner must call 3plains at 612-716-2060 to cancel services, unless another arrangement has been made. For the safety and security of our customers accounts and personal data, email requests may not be processed.


After the phone call, we will notify you in 5-7 business days. The confirmation notice will be sent to the primary Account Owner and Point of Contact’s email addresses. Once you submit a proper cancellation request, your data can be permanently deleted from our servers at any time. If you need assistance saving data before canceling, please contact 3plains support. 3plains offers no pro-rated refunds of the unused portion of your final billing cycle. You can view billing cycle dates in your 3plains Client Portal by clicking here.

Any further consultation or advice from 3plains will be billed at 3plains current billing rate. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

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