Account Management


Logging In / Resetting Password

Logging into the 3plains Portal and resetting your password.

3plains Portal Overview

View information about the 3plains Portal and a complete overview. Your Dashboard shows you project status, open invoices, open tickets, your point of contact, 3plains contacts and the latest 3plains news to keep you updated with whats new.


How We Bill

We will bill in increments for our active customers and bill you according to what service we are performing (content editing, programming, SEO, etc).

Custom Work Policy

We build custom products, programming and work at 3plains. Our policies, risks and cost work estimates for custom work.

Website & Hosting Fee

Part of your CMS/Hosting Fee gives you 24/7 access to update your website on your computer, tablet or smart phone. We have plenty of tutorials in our FAQ/Support area on and in our 3plains Online Portal under the support tab.

Active vs Inactive Accounts

Active customers maintain a recurring subscription with 3plains through maintaining a active recurring subscription with us. A customer becomes inactive after we finish and approve one time projects such as print design projects or a logo design.

Website Expired

Websites expire or are typically suspended for a few different reasons: payment, security or legal reasons.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy and how to cancel services with 3plains.


Adding or Updating your Credit Card

How to add or update a credit card in my 3plains account. Also declined credit card information and reasons.

Send Files

Sharing files with 3plains

How to share files with 3plains team.


Adding A Ticket

How to add a ticket to the 3plains portal to ask questions to the 3plains staff.


Adding/Editing/Deleting Users

How to add, edit or delete a 3plains Portal user.

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