How do I do an account change/transfer away from 3plains?

We manage our domains with our primary partner registrar Enom.com and secondary Godaddy.com. If you are not sure who is your domain name registrar, please do a whois and find out who the current registrar is here - https://www.whois.com/whois/

You have 3 options to move your domain name back in an account that you will manage:

1. If your domain name registrar is Enom.com, go to Enom.com and setup an account. Email domains@3plains.com with your Enom.com Login ID and we will push the domain name to your Enom account. Note, you will need to enable domain name pushing on your enom account via support ticket at encom since domain name pushing is NOT turned on by default. Just tell them to "Turn on domain name pushing" in the body of the support ticket.

Create an Enom Account

2. If your domain name registrar is Godaddy.com, go to Godaddy.com and setup an account. 3plains will need your new account information (or new providers account information) including Customer ID, Username and Email so we can move the domain in your account.

Create a GoDaddy Account

3. If you need to move it to another website host or platform provider (ie Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Bluehost, etc.), we will unlock the domain name and provide you with a authorization code if you request us to do so.

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