How to edit the hosts file on your computer

After launching your new website, you may not see your new website and you will need to update your computers hosts file.

Set DNS to 3plains Servers

Setting DNS for a Domain Name Registered with or with the following document.

Website not showing up / DNS Caching

In short, because of DNS caching at the ISP or Internet caching.

Godaddy DNS Record Could Not Be Added

Godaddy DNS Issue - Record Could Not Be Added and how to solve this Godaddy product issue.

Domain Registration

Registering a domain name

If you haven't registered a domain name yet, we can register it for you as the owner and we will manage it for you on your behalf.

Domain account change/transfer to 3plains

If you are looking to transfer a domain to 3plains, we have a few different steps with the major registrars such as Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc.

Domain account change/transfer away from 3plains

We manage our domains with the registrar You have two options to move your domain name back in an account that you will manage. Read more at the following link.

Add 3plains as a Godaddy Domain Administrator

To Add 3plains as a Godaddy Administrator, follow the included instructions.

Registering domains on our clients behalf

We have had several of our customers over the years managing domain names in their own Registrar account (,,,, etc.). What we have found, a large number of our customers have let their domain names lapse for a variety of reasons including:

Access Godaddy domain name account

How can I gain access to Godaddy domain name account?

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