What are your prices?

Monthly Fees

Why is your monthly fee higher priced when I have seen "unlimited" hosting from other website providers for less?

We sell Software as a Service (SaaS) at 3plains and hosting is only part of the monthly fee. Included in that monthly fee is:

  • Hosting
  • 3plains Site Manager CMS, which is a custom Content Management System and 24/7 usage.
  • Hosting of your website at Rackspace (a secure, industry-leading datacenter)
  • Daily backups of all your website content
  • Regular upgrades to the 3plains Client Portal CMS and your website software.
  • Telephone, email and online support.

How do your prices compare to other website providers?

3plains price is lower then most website providers. There are a few solutions that are a little less expensive than ours, but there are many more that are significantly higher priced. We firmly believe in creating a company that will last; one that will be around to serve our customers for years to come. We do this by setting a fair price for our work and great service.

How does your paid service compare to the a service such as Wordpress?

Although Wordpress is a great open-source blogging platform, it takes some technical skill to get it to do everything a typical website needs. Multiple plug-ins must be installed, maintained, and hosted to work correctly. In contrast, our system only takes significantly less time to setup and we release all feature updates and system upgrades automatically, which means you’ll never have to do any version upgrades or maintenance installations yourself. We take care of all of the development and programming for you, so you can focus on the more important aspects of building your website.

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