How can I accept payments and/or deposits on my website?

Here are a few different ways:

1. Variable Amount Text Box

This customer has a form textbox where they can key the dollar amount.

Pros - This system can take a variety of down payment options in case the amount varies.

Cons - The downfall is customers could mis-key the amount.

Example: https://www.bigrimoutfitters.com/payments/


2. Drop-down with Product/Amount

Pros - They customer can't change the amount and see's how much the down payment is with each product.

Cons - The customer could select the incorrect drop-down amount.

Example - https://www.nmbiggamehunting.com/deposit/


3. Add to Cart Button

Pros - They customer can't change the amount.

Cons - If you change the down payment often in could be annoying.

Example - https://www.sierrablancaoutfitters.com/reservations/


4. Variable Amount with Optional Terms of Service Checkbox

This customer has a form textbox where they can key the dollar amount and a checkbox for accepting the terms of service.

Note - You must write the terms of service or have your lawyer write a terms of service for you.

Example - http://www.stillwatersranch.com/payment/

5. Custom Form Options Linked to PayPal

This customer has custom options so he can keep track of who paid, when they are coming and more.


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