Website Management

Get Started

Website Get Started Guide

Helpful videos to help you navigate the portal, keep your account up to date, and update your website.


Contact Forms

Contact Forms

Contact forms overview, where the emails go and common questions.

Contact form not getting to my email

If you are not receiving messages from your website contact form, you will need to try a few things to remedy the issue.

Design & Setup

Website Get Started Guide

Helpful videos to help you navigate the portal, keep your account up to date, and update your website.

Website just launched and can't find in Google

There are several questions we get when a website first launches and most questions are related to the search engines or why no one can find your website after you launch.

I'm looking for a booking / scheduling / reservations calendar

Before we can get you a quote on a booking calendar, we will need to know more about your business, so we can make recommendations on how we would recommend the system would work.



Navigation Links (Tabs)

Navigation links how you navigate websites (some customers have referred to navigation links as tabs). Before you add a navigation link, you must add the page first in your pages section of your 3plains Client Portal. All navigation links can be added, edited, deleted or sorted through our 3plains Client Portal.


Restoring and/or Backing Up Website Content

There are a couple ways to restore and backup content on your website.

Paste As Clean Text

If you use a program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, the formatting and style hidden within the document will get pasted into the text area along with the content, which can result in a lot of extra code behind the scenes, and a page is very difficult to read on your website.

Website content options for my website

It is the clients job to provide their website content, however, we can provide contractors at a additional fee to write your website content. We do have a few other options on how to write content in this article.

Add or edit content on my website

We will answer a few common question on editing your content.

Adding A New Page

To add a new page on my website, here is a quick how to video on how to add a page.

Adding Links To Content Blocks

Adding Links To Content Blocks


Merchant account vs. payment gateway

How to accept credit cards on your website and what is all involved.

Selling Online Checklist and/or running a ecommerce store

To setup ecommerce on your website, we need a few things from you. You will need a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway. Why? So you can get customers pay and the funds get routed to your bank account. Here's a list of things you need to figure out as a new ecommerce merchant.

Photo Galleries


Updating Your Store Products

How to update products in your store.


Change your Website Phone, Address or Email

To update your website phone number, mail address or email address and want to reflect those changes on your 3plains websites, you will need to visit two areas.


Photos I can use for a home slider or page header

If you want to add photos to your home slider, or add a header image for a specific page, there are some things you must consider when choosing the photo.

Change out or add a big header/slider photo

How to properly resize and add new slider and header photos to your 3plains website.



Add an Embedded Video to my 3plains Website

Adding videos to your library is quick and easy. First the videos must be uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo.

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