How should I be naming my photos?

Here are some tips to rename a photo correctly for the search engines, for users and as a good practice.


  • Rename your photo to something like this: ryan-hunting-south-dakota-2014.jpg or pheasant-crp-land.jpg
  • Use dashes. Don't use underscores or spaces.
  • Use All lower case lettering (group-at-the-lodge.jpg). You can use proper case names, I just prefer lowercase.
  • Don’t over spam the same words. Mix them up or you are going to get flagged by google.
  • Mix up keywords in photos. Don't use the same names over and over.
  • Avoid filler words if you can; and, I, the, on, a, it, them. Those are not very descriptive.
  • Name photos as if the exact photo name  is the potential buyer of your product.
  • Be creative, think outside the box and have fun.


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