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Not seeing search ads

Why am I not seeing my search ads? The great thing about Google Ads is the ability to quickly get your products seen on the first page of Google. A Google Ads account can be set up in one day and your product ads can be showing on the top of the front page in search the next day, or even that afternoon.

Google Ads doesn't show up in the search results

Your Google ad won't appear every time you search for it. Whether your Google AdWords ad appears depends on a number of factors, such as your budget and other advertisers' ads competing to appear for the same search phrases.

Add 3plains as a Google My Business or YouTube Manager

How to add 3plains to your Google My Business and YouTube accounts so we can manage your digital marketing campaigns.

How To Find Your Google My Business Account And Grant Access

Watch a video on how to find your Google My Business account and grant access.

Google Analytics

Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 Upgrade

Effective July 1, 2023 Google Universal Analytics is going away. You need to take action to continue to measure customer behavior, analyze traffic, and deliver relevant ads to the right people with Google.

Google Analytics Setup

How do I start using Google Analytics and reading Analytics and traffic on my website? If you have a website with 3plains, 95% chance we setup a Google Analytics account for your website on your behalf under 3plains Main Google Account.

Move my Google Analytics Property to another Google Account

Steps on how to move my Google Analytics Property to another Google Account.


YouTube deep video link

If you share links to YouTube, you might love this feature. YouTube lets you choose exactly where in a video you want to link to by indicating the minutes/seconds on the URL link.

Add a Instagram post on a Laptop / Desktop PC

How do I add a Instagram post on a Laptop / Desktop PC?


SEO Get Started Guide

Here are a few SEO tips we recommend when creating pages on your website within our 3plains Website editor.

Search engine list

This document will help you get started on your search engine term list. It's not real detailed, but it should help get the point across with what type of terms, phrases and words you should be thinking about.

Website just relaunched

My website just relaunched and I'm not seeing the new website in Google. What is the reason for this? There are several different things this could mean, as every website relaunch is a little bit different.

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