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Website process and launching a website

Time-frame of web design projects usually take anywhere 4-12 weeks once we receive your down payment. Once we receive your down payment, you are considered in our project time-frame and we will do the best job we can to estimate the project date and time-frame. Keep in mind many things can and will come up that are beyond our control. We will do the best we can to expedite your project.

General web design questions

If you are a little more technical and/or come from a design background, we have answers to making design changes to your 3plains built website.

Mobile friendly website

Customers ask us all the time, why do I need to have a mobile website? With approximately 60%+ of users using mobile phones, going mobile is more important than ever.

Multilingual website

Depending on the platform you are running, 3plains has 2 options for you to run a multilingual website.

Special Web Fonts

Some of the questions we get on a regular basis while designing a website are related to web fonts.

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