Access Godaddy domain name account

In some cases, you will need to access your domain name but have lost your account number, password or maybe even you have a old email that you no longer have access to. Fortunately, there are ways to recover your account and to regain access of your .com name.

We have helped our 3plains customers recover domain names from a variety of situations. Here are a couple of documents from Godaddy to read further.

Help Regain Access to my Domain Name or Godaddy Account:

Gain access to your domain name or account after a owners death:

Here is a example of going through the domain process at -

If you haven't heard back from Godaddy and would like professional help, we could help for our general consulting rate. If you would like to become a 3plains client or would like to inquire about our marketing, web design services, Wordpress hosting, etc... we do it all. Fill out a contact form.

Still need help or don't want to DIY?

We have maintenance service and website update packages available. Please fill out a ticket and a 3plains representative will reach out to you with details on pricing and packages.

Last Updated: 2019-03-27

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