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How we bill

We have outlined a standardized process for our new and existing customers to order work for your website or print services. It's important the work is followed, so we can insure that your work gets turned around quickly.

We will do the best we can at providing a project hours estimate. The work may go over because of unforeseen issues or additional things the client wants after the fact. This should be considered.


Small changes for websites will typically be taken care of in under 1 week. Larger projects (2+ hours) usually takes us anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on our backlog of projects. If you need a change ASAP, make sure you get us what we need immediately so we can get your website changes in our project que.

Rush Orders - We're a small company, and we're good at what we do, which most often translates to demand far outstripping supply. We often schedule projects six to eight weeks out, but we do squeeze smaller and less technical projects into shorter time frames when we can. If you simply need it now, we will add a convenience fee on your invoice so you get what you need in time. Please understand though, we offer no guarantees. We are simply "fitting you in" to our project que.

Printing - In scheduling design projects that will require printing, please add eight to ten days to the end of our design time for production and shipping of your project from the printer of your choosing.

Rates: Work Orders vs. Technical Support

We bill the hourly rate according to what service we are performing. Our services have different rates (General Labor, SEO, Programming, etc). Work orders are any work that is outside supporting our 3plains Client Portal. If you are not sure if it is billable or not, I would ask. It is best to assume if we are doing work for you, it is billable. Examples are as follows:

Work Orders (Billable)

  • Email help beyond initial setup
  • Website content changes (Adding/Editing text or content, uploading new photos)
  • Design work (Logo design, print design, web design)
  • Consulting questions (Analyzing your web stats, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design updates

Technical Support (Non-Billable)

  • General account questions
  • Initial Email Setup
  • Initial 3plains Site Manager training
  • 3plains Site Manager support (Errors, how to, product questions)
  • Website Modules and template updates
  • Project quotes & price estimates

Outside Products

If you have a product that is unsupported by 3plains, like Google Apps as a example, we do not provide technical support. We bill any time it takes to help you with outside products that are beyond 3plains control. If you would like help or a supported product, just ask us.

Custom Work

We build custom products, programming and work at 3plains. Our policies, risks and cost work estimates for custom work is available at the following link.


- We will give you a cost estimate on time. This is only a estimate.
- We will not stop until the job is complete.

Still need help or don't want to DIY?

We have maintenance service and website update packages available. Please fill out a ticket and a 3plains representative will reach out to you with details on pricing and packages.

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