Business in the EU

If you do business in the EU, then you may or may not know about the GDPR and cookies policies they require.


From a purely legal perspective, if you process EU citizen data, this law applies to you. You can read more about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) here:

Here are a few helpful articles:

EU Cookies

The EU Cookie Legislation requires 4 actions from website owners who use cookies:

  • When someone visits your website, you need to let them know that your site uses cookies.
  • You need to provide detailed information regarding how that cookie data will be utilized.
  • You need to provide visitors with some means of accepting or refusing the use of cookies in your site.
  • If they refuse, you need to ensure that cookies will not be place on their machine.

Read more here:

Note: We are not and do not give legal council at 3plains. This page is simply content about the EU cookie and EU GDPR policies, general information and why they exist.

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